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 Feel like i'm flying...

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Feel like i'm flying... Empty
PostSubject: Feel like i'm flying...   Feel like i'm flying... Icon_minitime6th October 2010, 11:41 pm

this feeling of emptiness inside me,
the "sponge" that's been living with me since i was a kid,
this belief in me,
the lust and shiver,
the "crimson river" that's enchanting,
this little feeling called "love",
this hunger,
the words that can't describe anything,
the life,the energy surrounding me,giving birth to other lives,
the hush of trees and the scream of the seagulls,
the aroma of life,


i'm in love with this beautiful disorder,
wish i could be one with it.

just sayin' Feel like i'm flying... 547387
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Feel like i'm flying... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feel like i'm flying...   Feel like i'm flying... Icon_minitime15th November 2010, 4:04 am

"Dead eyes can never see the beauty of disorder" that makes us sure that you're not of these ones who has a dead heart.. in a dead world, which needs a new breath to flow, and give us the chance to become one with to flow..

On the way to realize the purpose, "Station; I am Betelguese, it's 04:04 AM and everything is fine."

Just saying. Feel like i'm flying... 11951
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Feel like i'm flying...
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