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 Bret Michaels Update

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PostSubject: Bret Michaels Update   Bret Michaels Update Icon_minitime5th May 2010, 4:40 pm reports: Bret Michaels is "walking. He's not walking very well. He's talking very well, and he's very mentally aware," his doctor, Joseph M. Zabramski said in a press conference this afternoon, adding, "He'll fortunately make a 100 percent recovery."

He "remains in critical condition," said Zabramski, but has been discharged from discharged from Barrow Neurological Institute in Arizona to receive physical therapy at an undisclosed location. "We're watching him very closely. We are very concerned that there could be a deterioration in his status at this point. We continue to watch him closely."

Read the entire report from, here.

Jam! Showbiz reports: Bret Michaels' sister has slammed online gossips for spreading rumors the star is faking his illness — insisting she doesn't want her sick brother to "see something like that" while he recovers from a brain hemorrhage.

The POISON singer collapsed last week and remains in a critical condition in an intensive care unit at a specialist Arizona hospital.

Michaels' publicists fuelled hopes of a speedy recovering by announcing the star's cancelled shows would be rescheduled for the end of May, although his sister Michelle admits there is "no way" he will be able to get back on stage so quickly.

Read more from, here.

Dr. Joseph Zabramski reports: "Bret's fight to stay conscious during the hemorrhage and get to the emergency room" was key to saving his life that night, said Zabramski.

"He has an unbelievable fight in him and told me what kept him alive at the moment of the hemorrhage was that he 'did not want his family to wake up and see him lying unconscious in the middle of the floor,' " Zabramski said.

His recovery is complicated by "a few roadblocks," he said.

According to, Michaels has hyponatremia, a lack of sodium in the body, which leads to seizures. He also suffers severe cranial and back pain from blood drainage, Zabramski said.

An emergency appendectomy 11 days before the rupture, and his lifelong history of Type 1 diabetes are also factors slowing the recovery, the doctor said.

"Bret's sheer will to live and fully recover is undeniable," Zabramski said.
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Bret Michaels Update
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